Cash Transport

Despite the fact that nowadays most companies work cash-free, there are still plenty of companies, which cannot operate without using cash. For example, commercial establishments, catering facilities, passenger transport businesses, and many more. Dealing with cash means that it is sometimes necessary to bank larger amounts, other times it is necessary to order extra coins and banknotes from the bank. The company’s personnel handling cash transport involves several security risks.

The cash transport service provided by LOKX diminishes those risks. Cash is transported by trained and armed security personnel who transport the cash using cars equipped with special security equipment. The cash is placed securely in a safe or a tamper-proof case designed for transporting cash.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • Transport of cash
  • Transport of the client’s cash to the bank and depositing it on the client’s bank account
  • Transport of cash from the client’s bank account to the client
  • Depositing cash