The best for users. The best for business

Ajax created a professional product that meets the strictest security demands. It gives you an entire ecosystem that helps accelerate business development.

(Lokx) Pro Certificate 2021

Ajax creates and uses their own products

Ajax Systems started in 2011. Since then, it has transformed from a promising start-up into an international company that sells security systems to 90 countries around the world. Ajax turns complex equipment into convenient, attractive and user-friendly products.

Innovation over fear

Ajax combines the best components, powerful software and reliable security technology. Their systems provide thousands of people around the world the peace of mind to go to work, enjoy vacation and get a good night of sleep.

Developed entirely by Ajax

Ajax produces devices completely from scratch. They choose the components, plan the architecture, develop the software and design the end product. This allows them to create hardware that is tailor-made for the software — and vice versa.

Fault-tolerant design

They encrypt data and maintain backup communication channels, connections and notification methods. Ajax servers are located in data centers around the globe to prevent overloading. They do all of this to give additional stability to an already reliable system.

Proven dependability

The proprietary technology, devices and production have proven their reliability in independent laboratory tests in Europe, earning certification reserved for the most trustworthy professional security systems.

Professional software

We develop software that provides the best user experience for both end users and industry professionals. The whole range includes mobile apps, monitoring apps for PC, as well as turnkey solutions for connecting Ajax security systems to third-party monitoring stations. Our software allows you to use all the security system features and is supported by the most popular platforms.

Additional services

Ajax products are integrated into third-party applications, services, billing, and CRM systems using the Enterprise API. Such a merger at the software level allows partner companies to launch additional services and implement new business models that quickly pay for themselves and increase profits.

Professionally rated

Every year, expert juries at international exhibitions and users around the globe rate Ajax as one of the highest quality and most reliable security systems available

For security companies and installers

Fewer emergency visits

The digital algorithms prevent false alarms.

Higher profit

Within the first year after purchase, 67% of users buy additional fire and leak detectors.

More installations in fewer time

Installation and setup of a starter kit takes fewer than 30 minutes.

Professional software

Our applications for central monitoring stations, smartphones and PCs help install systems faster and maintain them remotely.

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